Mayor Harvey Persons Videos


Douglasville’s Mayors Race – The Citizen’s Summit at Golden Memorial UMC – October 30th, 2015 sponsored by F.I.T. For The Future

On Friday evening, October 30th, the candidates for Mayor of Douglasville for the next 4 years met at the Golden Memorial United Methodist Church for a forum entitled “The Citizen’s Summit.” This opportunity to bring voters together in advance of the election tomorrow was sponsored by F.I.T. For The Future. Here is a video of the forum in its entirety with questions presented by F.I.T. For the Future with answers provided by the three candidates including Harvey Persons, Rochelle Robinson and Terry Miller. If you get a chance, please watch! The ending for the evening brings the group together in a special moment.
Tomorrow is the big day. If you are a citizen of the city of Douglasville, I would appreciate your vote!


Job Creation and Economic Development in Douglasville!
Please vote to Re-Elect me as Your Mayor on this upcoming Tuesday, November 3rd. Also, please take a moment from your busy day to watch a short video where I speak about our successes in creating jobs and promoting economic development during this past 4 years in Douglasville. Thank you for your attention and your vote of confidence!!


Re-Elect Harvey Persons the Mayor of Douglasville!
Please go to the polls in the city of Douglasville on November 3rd and vote to re-elect your mayor, Harvey Persons stands for Experience, Leadership and Community Service!


Mayor Harvey Persons – A video message from Pastor Steve McFall, Central Baptist Church, Douglasville, GA.
On Monday, April 13th, 2015 I announced that I am running for Re-Election as Mayor of Douglasville Georgia. Reverend Steve McFall of Central Baptist Church in Douglasville appeared and gave very positive remarks about me and my initiatives to help the homeless in Douglasville. Please vote to re-elect me, Harvey Persons on November 3rd as Mayor of Douglasville.
Please watch this video . . .


Mayor Harvey Persons – My Vision for Douglasville
February 14, 2012 Chamber of Commerce Luncheon – Harvey is the guest speaker


January 2012 CITI TV – Meet the New Mayor