As Mayor I have worked for you for the past 3 years and 4 months.  Working together and with the help of a lot of great people — we have accomplished some great things.

  1. Shortly after getting elected I changed my mantra to “Helping make Douglasville one of the “PREMIER places in America to live, work, play, raise a family & BE ALL WE CAN BE!”
  2. I pledged to pull ALL components of the community together for discussion.  We have done that – Formed Faith-based Group that encompasses ALL faiths, ALL ethinicities, Civic groups, educators and many others.
  3. Through the Faith-based group we went to work and started to address the homeless issue in our community—such as the homeless community near Kroger. Partnered with United Way to provide assistance to over 137 individuals Leveraged donations and able to raise over $100,000.00 to evaluate, relocate and find jobs with 80 % success rate of non-recidivision. This group (35-55 in number) is STILL meeting monthly to discuss and deal with issues in our community.
  4. We went to work to complete committed Capital projects.  City had just started a 37,000 sq. ft. Conference center and a 300 car parking deck. – We were able to finish ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  5. Completed Sidewalk projects. Improved walkability within communities and Downtown.
  6. Continued to fund the many downtown activities that make for a vibrant, attractive downtown.
  7. Continued the many activities of CITI TV to reach our community & keep them informed on what is happening with their government.
  8. Increased financial transparency
    a)  Jan/2013 – stated in meetings & minutes – financial conditions.
    b)  Jan/2014 – stated in meetings & minutes – financial conditions.
    c)  Jan/2015 – stated in meetings & minutes – financial conditions.
    d)  Made financial information readily available, open to the public and incorporated into the minutes of the public, televised meetings.
  9. 2012 – Successfully negotiated L.O.S.T. with county increasing City’s share of sales tax proceeds for next 10 years. Did not have to be Court litigated!
  10. 2013 – after getting financial house in order in 2012 -Coming off the worst recession since the Great Depression– was able to get Standard & Poor’s to increase our City’s Bond (indicates financial condition) rating from A+ to AA – delighted with the higher rating!
  11. Fund Balance…..Government Accounting principles set as benchmark of 3 months of the General Fund budget for a rainy day …we exceed that amount
  12. National recognition for the KDB (Keep Douglasville Beautiful) program.
  13. 10 Year Comprehensive Plan @ No Cost – ON TIME & Model for State.
  14. Completed the long-awaited Bright Star Connector Intersection.
  15. Completed long-awaited Chapel Hill Rd. & South Elizabeth Drive Intersection improvement.
  16. Improved Walkability
    a. Completed 3 miles of Sidewalk projects…WE WENT TO WORK FOR YOU!!!
  17. FREE WI-FI over 67 acres, Downtown, Hunter Park & Jessie Davis Park in collaboration with GOOGLE.  Allowed also for NEW Computer lab at JD Park.
  18. a. 2012 & 2013 continued to reduce budget & expenses while maintaining services.
    b. While coming off the worst recession since the Great Depression.
  19. Continued to work on Public safety – hired more police officers.
  20. Adopted NEW Vision statement & Goals for City.
  21. Implemented Customer service training program for employees to give better service to our citizens.
  22. Hwy 92 Relocation – 2013
    (1)    2013 – 43 Million ROW, 3 Million –Engineer, 65.5Million from Fed 15/16 F/Y budget moved to 14/15 F/Y budget for project.
    (2) 2014 – August …broke ground and started construction on a vision, dream, goal and a project that had been talked about for OVER 3 decades connecting the North and South sides of Douglasville without stalled trains impeding Public Safety.
  23. 2014 – Major Company expansions. Over $300 million in MacMaster Car, Gordon Foods, Bio-Life, Med-Line. Over 2,000 new jobs, many new smaller companies. ie, Steak &Shake, Popeye’s, Academy of Sports and many others.
    (1) Companies seeing the benefit and value to being a part of the GREAT things happening in Douglasville.
    (2) Coming off of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression
    (3)Maintaining status quo was UNACCEPTABLE
  24. 2014 SUCESSFULLY negotiated the STATE REQUIRED (every 10 years)
    Service Delivery Strategies plan with Douglas County WITHOUT COURT LITIGATION.
  25. Major overhaul of employee compensation & job description plan.
  26. Great place to do business.
    (1)  Arbor Place Mall – One of the most successful in region @ 99.85 % lease rate.  Print statistics from ARC)
    (2)  Article in Sunday’s Sentinel refers to: “Business is Booming, especially Downtown”. 17 New businesses in past 15 months.
    (3)  STATION LOFT WORK, (owned by Barry & Gwen Oliver) the building we are RIGHT NOW meeting in, was recognized and giving an award recently (2015) at the ATLANTA REGIONAL COMMISSION’s “STATE of THE REGION’s Annual breakfast in Atlanta in front of approximately 2,000 people for the ADDAPTAVE REUSE OF DOWNTOWN buildings and is NOW recognized around the state and country as as model for DOWNTOWN development.
    (4)  March 2015 awarded Mayor of The Year by the “Georgia Minority Business Awards” for the work we are doing in Douglasville to promote inclusivity and help bring business to Douglasville.
    (5)  Resurgence of interest in DOWNTOWN
    (6)    The plan is working
    (7)  Maintaining was UNACCEPTABLE ……..WE WENT TO WORK for you!!!
  27. DEBT……Have reduced the Bond indebtedness by 10.31%
    (1)  Developed a plan to reduce the City’s debt
  28. Last but not least, I am told a famous actor may like the potential of Douglasville so much  he may be building a $MULTI MILLION$ dollar HOME here in Douglasville!
    (1)  Heightened the attractiveness and awareness of Douglasville
    (2)  WE WENT TO WORK FOR YOU!!!!
  29. New 5 year Housing Initative to evaluate AND improve ALL housing needs
  30. Partnered with, supported and built relationships with the Educational community to improve and heighten the NEED AND VALUE of education.